Big Update 1.300 Released for the Grand Prix 2022 Mod

Today we’ve prepared an exciting update for the 2022 Mod.
Here is a full list of updates:
  • Real performances for all cars
  • Sparks update for all cars
  • RPM and LCD Lights update for all cars
  • New cameras for all cars
  • F1-75 Lights and wheel covers fix
  • MCL35 new carbon material
  • AMR22 new HALO shape and texture
  • AMR22 rear wing fix
  • RB18 new sidepods
  • RB18 new carbon material
  • RB18 new sound
  • RB18 new HALO shape and texture
  • RB18 rear wing fix
  • RB18 wheel covers fix
You can download each car update from your account’s “Downloads” section.