Grand Prix 2022 AMR22 Update 1.500 Preview

We are excited to show you the Grand Prix 2022 AMR22 Mod update preview:
Update will be released with the remaining 2022 cars in about 10 days.
Full list of changes:
– New body 3d model and livery
– Porpoising implementation
– New Gear Ratios
– Revised engine power
– New Sounds
– New Cockpit shape
– New AO for cockpit
– New HALO shape
– New MFDs
– Materials update
– New AO for carbon material
– New sparks
– Antenna vibration effect
– Front wing movement under downforce and vibration effects
– Rear wing vibration effect
– Driver feet animation
– Driver’s fist celebration animation
– Rear wing 3d model and decal update
– Rain tyres with extended physics. Rain AI tyres are fitted automatically now.
– New Tyres FX parameters
– New extension folder hierarchy
– New “Rain Mode”, which enables permanent hazard lights for rain races
– Minor improvements