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Grand Prix BT42 Development: Day 10: Animations and damage

Day 10: Today we’ve created gear lever and suspension animation, parts wobble at high RPMs, collider, sparks, body and wings damage. You can check the suspension animation in the video below. Next steps: Wet tyres, LODs and skins.

Grand Prix BT42 Development: Days 7-9: Textures and materials

Days 8-9: Lots of work has been done. Front and rear suspension were updated. All parts have been UV Mapped and textured. You’ll find an easter egg on the dashboard 😉 Materials have been successfully tested and tweaked in the game. Next step: car animations!  

Grand Prix BT42 Development: Day 1

Today we’ve started creating the Grand Prix BT42 3D model. Car is shaping up good and will be getting more detailed in the upcoming days. Mod will be available as a free download for Assetto Corsa, and will correspond our new policies. You can check the first preview images here. More development updates will be […]