Monthly Archives: August 2021

LM Hypercars Mod Development: 9X8 Interior Preview

LM Hypercars Mod 9X8 Interior Preview. Mod will include LM Hypercars from 2021 and 2022 seasons. Cars will be released in our shop one by one. All images are Work-in-Progress:

Mods Updates: Grand Prix 1997 Mod 2.0 Update preview

Update will be released on 18.08.2021 and will be available here: Update will be free for all 1997 Mod owners. You can download it from your account’s “Downloads” section. GrandPrix 1997 2.0 Mod Credits: 3D Models: Nunux, Watchy Skins: Kamil Sounds: Marco Updated Mod includes: – New physics – New skins – New sounds […]

Grand Prix 2021 Mod Development: SF21 New screenshots and Videos

Grand Prix SF21 will be available as a free download. All Grand Prix 2021 cars are made accurately and from scratch. Mod includes unique sounds, 3d models and physics. Each 3d model was created from real photos from testing days and race weekends. Our 3d artists examined all elements, such as suspension, wings, sidepods etc. […]

Grand Prix 2021 Mod Development: Grand Prix 2021 SF21 In-game preview with real logos

Grand Prix 2021 SF21 In-game preview with real logos. Grand Prix 2021 Mod will come with fictional logos, and with a separate “real logos” free download. All images are Work-in-Progress: